360 Degree Feedback Exercise

Overview This exercise is designed to identify and reduce conflicts that may arise in a team as a result of conflicting expectations about each others' roles.

The exercise is designed for users of the MTR-i team role questionnaire. The instructions below assume you have a copy of the manual and materials.
Estimated time 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of team
  • To give each individual an understanding of other people's expectations of the team role he/she is performing
  • To resolve role misunderstandings
  • To reduce hidden conflict, that result from role misunderstanding
  • Complete the MTR-i (as directed in the manual).
  • Copy the scores onto the reverse side of the report form.
  • Write the team roles reported by the MTR-i in the red box on the front of the report form in the order of the scores - from highest to lowest
  • Do not share the results at this point (to avoid influencing the feedback)
  • Do the Smarties exercises from the manual, to give team members a good understanding of the team role.
  • Either at the end of each team role presentation, or at the end of all the presentations, undertake the following additional exercise:
  • Ask delegates to complete the blue boxes on the report form for that particular team role - indicate how much they see of this team role in each of the other team members. They may wish to write this in pencil, so that they can review and change the scores once they have been through all the team roles.
  • At the end of the presentation give the team members opportunity to review their scores and change if necessary.
  • Introduce the mechanism for exchanging information, i.e.:
  • Split them into pairs (if one person is left over, he/she sits out of the start, and then joins in after the first exchange of scores).
  • Tell them it is important at this stage only to exchange scores, and not to enter into a dialogue about the scores at this point - there will be time to do that later, and it is best to discuss scores in the context of having all the scores available.
  • Tell them to exchange scores, writing their own feedback in the green boxes (you can suggest that one person calls out the list of scores for the team roles, whilst the other writes them in the appropriate column on the report/feedback form; then they swap roles).
  • Once the exchange is complete, they should find someone else to exchange scores with. (There may be times when they are waiting for a team member to become free - especially if there is an odd number of team members, and also towards the end of the exercise).
  • Once they have obtained all their feedback scores, they should add them up into the green total boxes, as indicated by the arrows.
  • Write the team roles fed back from colleagues in the green box on the front of the report form in the order of the scores - from highest to lowest
  • Give some preparation time, so that team members can look at their results to (a) formulate their own view of their own team roles (this can be written in the gray box on the form), (b) prepare to feed all the results back to the group and (c) prepare ask any questions for team members that result from the feedback
  • Facilitate a feedback session, where each team member goes through his/her results in turn.

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