Team Building Exercise: Building on Strengths
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Building on Strengths

Overview This exercise helps the team to identify the areas in which they are investing most of their effort, thereby identifying their likely strengths and enabling them to build on those strengths

The exercise is designed for users of the MTR-i team role questionnaire. The instructions below assume you have a copy of the manual and materials.

Estimated time 45 minutes
  • To identify the probably strengths of the team
  • To identify any ways in which those strengths can be built on
  • Complete the MTR-i and relevant exercises to give delegates a good understanding of the MTR-i team roles
  • Draw a flipchart table, with team roles in the rows and team member names in the columns, plus an extra column called "total"
  • Ask team members to write up their MTR-i scores in their own columns
  • Delegate different team members to add up the total scores (along each row) for each team role
  • Write up the primary 2 or 3 team roles (ie the ones with the highest total scores) on the flip chart
  • Split the team members into pairs or threes, and ask them to brainstorm ideas on:
    - what are the likely strengths of having a team that focuses primarily on these team roles
    - how can those strengths be even more exploited
  • After 10 or 15 minutes, get them to feedback their conclusions to the group
  • Facilitate a discussion to agree actions on how to build on team strengths

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