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What is the MTR-i ?

The MTR-i is a team roles model and questionnaire that is 100% compatible with, and complementary to, the MBTI.  "Team Roles" identify the contribution being made to the team, and reflect an individual's work persona.  The first edition of the MTR-i comprises a manual, question cards, answer sheets, and report/360 feedback forms.  If you are a user of the MBTI, you will be able to purchase the MTR-i

How can the MTR-i  be used?

The MTR-i is an MBTI-compatible alternative to Belbin that not only helps develop team contributions and team performance, but has many other applications as well.  For example, individual clients can compare their MBTI and MTR-i results to examine the difference between their personality preferences and work persona.  This can identify sources of stress, such as having inadequate opportunity to use one's dominant function, or being under an excessive demand to use the inferior function.

MBTI-MTR-i correlation Teams can use the MTR-i to identify sources of conflict, such as differing expectations about the roles being undertaken. The MTR-i can also be used to track personal development over a long period of time, because the MTR-i takes a snapshot of how the function-attitudes are currently being used. The MTR-i therefore complements the MBTI in looking at work roles, and enables a comparison between innate preference and how the Jungian function-attitudes are being used in daily work life.

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"This is a promising extension to the use of psychological type in helping individuals understand what they bring to the party of team dynamics and their own nature in work environments" - Kathy Myers

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