Element B

     Are you ready to take a journey into self discovery?

If you answered yes, you have come to the right place. Using Will Schutz' FIRO Element B, you can take a closer look at your inner workings through an examination of your interpersonal actions, and, more interestingly, through an exploration of your interpersonal needs. Ever wonder why you feel so tired after a day at work? Maybe you're  feeling over included. Do you feel disliked in your office place? Maybe your co-workers aren't meeting your desire for openness. Something else? Well, take your online FIRO Element B and find out. This is one of the most popular and useful feedback reports in the world. It is widely used in over 17 different countries.

A journey, not a score

    The best part of your online Element B results is that they are a road map on the journey to self discovery, not a point on the map saying "you are here" like most psychological inventories. If, however, you want a "you are here" report, the 13 page Interpretive Report that you will receive includes descriptions of characteristics or feelings for people who have scored similarly to you.

So what will I get?

    After completing the credit card information on a secure site (the report costs $15.00) you will be taken to the Element B entry screen where you will fill out demographic information and complete an Element B questionnaire. After you are finished, your 13-page report will be generated on the screen and can be printed.

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