Employee Handbooks: What They Should Contain

Employee Handbooks

What Should They Contain

There are many aspects of the employment relationship where the employee does not need to be provided with written material, or an 'employee contract'. Such aspects merely need to be "reasonably accessible".

An employee handbook is a practical way of providing such information.

Employee handbooks could be a single document held in some place accessible to the employee, such as the personnel office. That at least ensures there is only one up-to-date copy.

At the extreme this may not be adequate (the employee might argue they were intimidated by going into an office) so it is better practice to provide every employee with a copy or to make it accessible on an intranet or via the internet.


  • An employee-friendly welcome and perhaps a mission statement will encourage the employee to browse the handbook which is, after all, what you want them to do.
Employee Handbooks expert Malcolm Martin

Employee Handbooks expert: Malcolm Martin

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Finally, as with written particulars (ie: contract of employment), take the handbooks out and distribute them personally, which may mean cascading them down through a management structure.

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