Keys to Personal Success
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Keys to personal success

Work/home life balance

Work/life balance You are looking for personal fulfilment.

Your organisation is looking for business results

Are you looking for an appropriate balance between the two?

You can't change who you are
But you can change the role you play

It's a common mistake to think that team success is achieved by individuals playing to their strengths. Whilst this can sometimes be true, often it is not.

This can be illustrated by thinking about which hand you use to change gear when driving a car, in Europe, or in the UK. Do you use your preferred hand, or do you use the hand dictated by the layout of the car?

Like most people, you have a preference that is consistent throughout life. But daily living requires the effective use of both hands. In a similar way, you have behavioural preferences, as indicated by your personality type. But you need to undertake many roles to meet the daily demands of life and work. Finding out your preferences can help you find out who you are. But to achieve success in team work and personal fulfilment, you should focus on what you can change - the roles you play:

Keys to successful team work

Adaptation - the ability for a team to use the team role that is most appropriate for the task in hand or the situation

Synchronisation - the ability for a team to coordinate their use of team roles in order to collaborate effectively

Keys to personal fulfilment

Flexibility - the ability to be able to use any of the team roles, when it would be most effective to do so.

Balance - having an appropriate degree of stretch between your preferences and your role to provide both development and fulfilment (ie not too much stretch, which can cause stress, nor too little, which can cause stagnation and/or boredom)

The MTR-i team role questionnaire helps both teams and individuals. It helps teams identify whether they are adapting appropriately to their current task, and it helps them synchronise their team roles, to overcome conflict and differences of opinion, so that their efforts are channelled in a positive and constructive direction.

The MTR-i helps individuals develop greater flexibility in responding to different circumstances and when collaborating with other team members. It also helps individuals assess their degree of balance, so they can restructure their work and lifestyle so that they have a fulfilling degree of 'stretch' in their lives.

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