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Achieve the Lifestyle that Suits You

Match your home ownership lifestyle with your personality.

Do your house and lifestyle suit your personality?

Do finances limit your ability to have the type of home you want?

This unique questionnaire asks you a series of questions about your preferences and circumstances, and then suggests the property lifestyle that may best fit your needs.

It may help you 'think outside the box' by suggesting creative ideas that hadn't occurred to you, or that you hadn't given serious consideration until now.

The questionnaire is anonymous and you will be presented with the results instantly, after you have completed it.


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For each of the following pairs of statements, indicate which is most true for you. If the right-hand statement is more true, click a radio button to the right. If the left-hand statement is more true, click a radio button towards the left. If they are both equally true (or neither are true) click a radio button near the middle.
I enjoy solving problems, managing people and taking charge of situationsQuestion 1
I don't want the burden of too many additional responsibilities (outside of work)
I would enjoy other people being involved in my propertyQuestion 2
I don't want other people involved in my property
I am happy to take the risk, due to interest rates, of my monthly costs going up and downQuestion 3
It is important that my monthly costs are fixed and do not change
I enjoy using my management and organisational skillsQuestion 4
I enjoy being free from any responsibilities
I can afford to borrow a lot of moneyQuestion 5
I would find it difficult to get a mortgage
The area where I want to live is too expensive for me to buy propertyQuestion 6
I can easily afford a property where I want to live
I have enough money (or an existing house) to provide a deposit Question 7
I don't have any money saved for a deposit
I quite like the idea of having more than one propertyQuestion 8
I only want to have one property to worry about
I need to keep my monthly costs as low as possibleQuestion 9
I can pay more per month if it gives me my independence
I want my property to live in and enjoyQuestion 10
I want my property to be an investment for the future
I have a partnerQuestion 11
I'm a single person
I would enjoy being a landlordQuestion 12
I just want to occupy my own property
I'd rather rent so that someone else had responsibility for the upkeepQuestion 13
I want to buy my own property and take responsibility for its maintenance
I would like to enjoy living in a good locationQuestion 14
I would like to build up a steady income from property
I have a familyQuestion 15
I have no dependants
I want to have as much spare money to spend as possibleQuestion 16
I want to increase the value of the assets I own
I would like to have one property that I live in and enjoyQuestion 17
I would like to have a portfolio of properties that I manage
I can easily afford to pay all my own utility bills (telephone, heating, etc.)Question 18
I need to find a way of reducing my living costs
In the next few years I may move several timesQuestion 19
I will probably stay in the same residence for a long time
I'm at or beyond the life stage of "settling down" (eg: getting married, having children, etc.)Question 20
I'm an independent person and want the freedom to pursue whatever interests me
I have enough problems of my own, and wouldn't want any more from tenants or lodgersQuestion 21
If I had tenants or lodgers, I would be able to solve any problems they had

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