Renting Apartments: Giving You a Flexible Lifestyle
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Renting Apartments, Flats or Homes

Renting Apartments can give you flexibility to move

A Flexible Lifestyle

Renting Apartments means that you pay (usually monthly) for exclusive use of property. When you want to move somewhere else, or when the lease expires, you simply move out (subject to certain restrictions/conditions).

When you are renting apartments you are only paying for use; ownership remains exclusively with the owner of the property.

Main Advantages

Renting has a number of advantages, such as:

Case study

Amanda is a up-and-coming manager in an international consulting firm whose philosophy is to "work hard and play hard". To develop her career, every year or two she has to move to another major city, sometimes in a new country. Ideally she wants to live close to work and the entertainment areas of the city.

Although Amanda has plenty of money to buy somewhere to live, she rents her accommodation so that, whilst retaining independence, she has maximum the flexibility to move and minimises time-intensive activities that might distract her from her work or social life. Amanda invests her spare cash in a managed property fund. This makes financial sense to her because she doesn't have sale/purchase costs when she moves, but she is still able to benefit from the increases in the property market.

Main Disadvantages

The disadvantages of renting can be:

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