Team Decision Making
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Team Decision Making

Overview This web page describes a process for making decisions, based on the eight MTR-i team roles.
Estimated time 30 mins to 2 hours, or even more, depending on the complexity/difficulty of the decision
  • To produce the best possible team decision, with a high degree of consensus

The MTR-i decision processes involves visiting each of team roles in turn (as pictured in the below diagram). The team roles are intended to act as prompts for the key points in the process, but not all stages will be appropriate for every decision. Also, the dynamics of the team may mean there is a tendency for them to skip steps completely.

Ideally team members will have completed the MTR-i to develop a good understanding of it, but this is not strictly necessary for this process.


  • Clarify the problem or decision to be made.
  • Collect facts and information that relate to the problem
  • Analyse the problem to identify causes
  • Identify any related situations that where this problem/issue may have been encountered
  • Come up with alternative solutions to the problem
  • Allow all ideas to be aired, no matter how radical
  • Consider the value of each idea, and decide which to accept/reject
  • Prioritise those ideas, identifying the solution that is preferred
  • Consider who else needs or would want to be involved
  • Consider how to win their commitment/involvement
  • If possible, try out or pilot the chosen solution to see what impact it has
  • Sound out other people on the proposal to see how they react
  • Identify plans of how to implement the chosen solution
  • Identify resources, responsibilities, timescales, authority, etc.
  • Agree the next steps
  • Take immediate action

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