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"Get Quality Feedback From The Genuine MBTI® and/or MTR-i(TM) Questionnaires"

You can now complete the genuine MBTI questionnaire, get an hour of quality feedback from an highly experienced, qualified practitioner, and discuss the implications for you, wherever you are in the world.

"I was impressed with the whole process. The phone discussion was extremely comprehensive and enlightening. This exercise has done a great deal to answer questions about my current situation that I have been considering."
JW, Kenya.
If you are serious about your own development, don't miss out on the benefits of expert feedback.

Invest in yourself...

...by choosing from one of these services: Europe Rest of the world
Complete the MBTI questionnaire and discuss the results with a qualified expert £176.25 £150
Complete the MTR-i(TM) questionnaire and discuss the results with a qualified expert £176.25 £150

The price differential is due to VAT rules.

You will be provided with in-depth telephone discussion lasting approximately 1 hour per questionnaire. For the MBTI and MTR-i, this will include exploring the degree of "stretch" you are experiencing in your job (between the role you are actually undertaking and what you would prefer).

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