Team Building Exercise: Personal Contributions
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Personal Contributions Exercise

Overview This exercise helps individuals to identify their main contributions to the team, and primary focus of creativity.
Estimated time 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the size of team
  • To identify the probable strengths of each individual
  • To identify potential 'hindrances to creativity', or areas where the individual does not need to be strong
  • Complete the MTR-i and relevant exercises to give delegates a good understanding of the MTR-i team roles
  • Give each individual a piece of flipchart paper and a pen
  • Ask team members to draw vertical and horizontal lines through the middle of the flipchart, to divide it into four quadrants.
  • Ask team members to head up the four quadrants as:
    • my primary contribution or team role
    • how I feel about this role
    • other roles I would enjoy
    • hindrances to my creative contributions
  • Ask team members to fill in the quadrants, using the MTR-i role descriptions to prompt ideas, but allowing them enter other points or ideas not included in the team role descriptions. For 'hindrances to creativity', team members should start by looking at the role descriptions on the other side of the wheel from their own primary role - the contribution can often be maximised if they are 'allowed' to be weak in roles that are on the opposite side of the circle.
  • Give them 10 or 15 minutes to complete the flipcharts, and then get them to feedback their conclusions about themselves to the group
  • After each individual feedback, facilitate a discussion to identify ideas on how the team's work can be structured to play to the individual's strengths. At this point, generate ideas only without agreeing any actions.
  • After all the feedbacks have been completed, you can then identify any obvious synergies and agree any actions that can help improve individual's contributions to the team by playing to their strengths.

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