Project Management Training: An Overview
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Project Management Software Training
An Overview

Project Management Software

This is a supplementary article to Project Management Software: Recommended Choices. It includes a short list of recommended project management software packages.

There are three main types of project management training:

When you are looking for project management training you should first decide which of these you need.

Project Management Techniques

If you are looking to become skilled in project management techniques, then you should evaluate training courses based around methodologies such as PRINCE2. These courses will cover such things as:

Project Management Software

If you are looking to use a particular software package, such as Microsoft Project, then you should look for a course that covers the 'how to' of the package, such as:

Some courses may cover both the package and the techniques, but most software-based courses usually assume you understand the principles of project management already.

Soft Skills

Finally, there are more advanced project management training courses associated with the soft skills involved: managing the people. Such training courses should cover:

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