Team Building Exercise: Roles vs Preferences
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Roles vs Preferences

Overview This exercise provides a structure to enable team members to discuss whether the roles they are undertaking accord with their preferences - and whether roles can be changed to fit their preferences better (requires use of the MBTI®)
Estimated time 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of team
  • To enable individuals to explore the difference between their work role and personal preferences
  • To identify any ways in which work structure can be changed to accord more with preferences
  • Complete the MBTI, the MTR-i and relevant exercises to give delegates a good understanding of the MBTI preferences and MTR-i team roles
  • Give team members a flipchart each, and ask them initially to work alone to produce a flipchart containing 5 sections:
    - their team role
    - their MBTI preferences
    - aspects of their role in the team that accord most with their preferences and that they enjoy doing
    - aspects of their role that accord least with their preferences, and that they find least enjoyable
    - suggestions on how the work environment could be changed so that it would improveme their enjoyment
  • Facilitate a team session where each team member feeds back in turn.
  • During the feedback, encourage listeners to identify actions that the presenter can take to help work more according to his/her preferences.

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