Sales Training: Myers Briggs Overview
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Sales Training: Myers Briggs Overview

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One of the key principles in sales is that people usually buy when they feel good about the purchase decision.

Getting the feel-good factor into the sales process is much more than demonstrating the benefits of the product.  It involves building rapport with the client and presenting the information about benefits in a way that they find comfortable. 

Selling using Myers Briggs does not involve throwing away normal sales techniques, it builds on them.  It involves:

You may have heard of the “Golden Rule”, which is to do unto others as you would be done by.  In sales, however, you will increase your chances of success if you follow the “Platinum Rule”, which is to do unto others as they would be done by.

The main focus in the sales process is always the customer, his/her needs and preferences.  By taking an approach that puts the emphasis on benefits you’ll present product information in a way that suits the customers needs.  If you adapt your style of behaviour during the sales process to suit the client, you’ll also be presenting information in a style that suits his/her preferences.

In the remainder of this section, it is assumed that you already have a basic understanding of Myers Briggs.  These sections will focus on each of the preferences and describe how to recognise that preference, and what types of behaviour will help build rapport and make the sales process more comfortable for the client.

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