Sales Training: Selling Intangibles
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Sales Training: Selling Intangibles

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Selling intangibles presents a particular problem to the salesperson, because the nature of the product means that it is unseen.  Tangibility - being able to see exactly what you are buying - is part of the preference make up of most of the population (typically, studies estimate that 75% of the population have preferences for Sensing).

Also, the sales pitch that you offer will, by definition, be something that may require the cooperation of the prospect’s imagination.  Everyone, all types, possess the ability to imagine what your product or service might look like after they have bought it.  The problem is that the prospect may imagine your offering in a negative way, seeing potential flaws or consequences, and imagining reasons for not buying.

There may therefore be a natural reticence to buy from you, because the product you are offering can’t be seen, and how it is imagined by the prospect may be somewhat negative.

We have been selling intangibles since the early 1990s and, after an initial learning process, achieved a high conversion rate of prospective sales.  The main lessons we learned were:

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