Sales Training: Selling To Introverts
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Sales Training: Selling to Introverts

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The point made under Extraversion, about preferences tending to emerge in situations of free choice, holds true for Introverts as well.

However, it can sometimes be harder to work out what the preferences are for Introverts because the ‘evidence’ is, almost by definition, mostly hidden.  Extraverts tend to be WYSIWYG characters, they tend to show the traits that are dominant in their character to the outside world.

For Introverts the dominant characteristics are on the inside.  In extreme cases, whilst you may find it easy to recognise that they are Introvert, you may find it difficult to work out their other preferences because you see so little evidence to go on.

The characteristics that tend to suggest preferences for introversion include (in situations of free choice):

The types of tactics you should try when dealing with introverts include:

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