Sales Training: Selling To INtuitives
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Sales Training: Selling to iNtuitives

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When selling to large companies, you have to deal with more than just the preferences of the individual in front of you.  He/she may have to persuade colleagues to go along with the buying decision, or justify it to them if challenged.  In that case, it is not only the buyer’s preferences you need to think about, but also the culture of the organisation.

There is an old saying in the computer industry that no one was ever sacked for buying IBM - IBM represented a ‘safe bet’.  So, for example, if you have a prospect with creative preferences in a risk-averse organisation, the likelihood is that the culture will influence them to buy the safe bet, unless there are compelling reasons to do otherwise.  There is often too much at stake for buyers to go purely with their own preferences.

To build rapport with people of iNtuitive preferences:

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