Sales Training: Selling To Sensates
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Sales Training: Selling to Sensates

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One of the confounding things when trying to recognise someone’s preferences is that the behaviour you see is different to the preference which is hidden.  You may observe behavioural characteristics that do not reflect preference but rather they are the result of learned behaviour or upbringing.

When the signals are mixed, then don’t worry too much about adapting your style in the sales process.  However, make sure that there is something in what you do for all preferences - eg: some facts for those with Sensing preferences, some off-the-wall ideas for those with preference for intuition.  By offering them a smorgasbord of contributions in the process, you allow them to pick and choose the ones that appeal to them.

The types of characteristics that indicate preferences for Sensation include:

To build rapport and exert greater influence in the sales process, you should try:

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