Sales Training: Selling To Thinkers
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Sales Training: Selling to Thinkers

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Large companies often have processes or procedures that have to be followed for large buying decisions.  In some cases, these will be transparent and familiar - eg: when Invitations To Tender are involved, there is a set process that will be followed.

In some companies, or for purchases of a smaller size, the processes can be less clear.  It is best to try and get in front of the person with the buying power.  However, if the decision is to be made by a group, or the buyer has to get agreement from a number of people, the process becomes much more complex.  In such cases, you may need to get to know the process, and get to know all the different individuals involved in the buying decision.

Those with preferences for Thinking may show the following characteristics:

When dealing with someone of Thinking preferences, you could try the following:

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