Sales Training: Strategies To Generate New Business
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Sales Training: Strategies to Generate New Business

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Here are some examples of promotional activities, that we used in the early 1990s, to help generate new clients - known as ‘hunting’:

  1. Mailshots
  2. Cold Calling/telemarketing, using an agency
  3. Cold Calling, using our own employees
  4. Cold Calling, done by our consultants/experts
  5. Networking (developing business through existing contacts)
  6. Collaborations with other companies in the field
  7. Advertising
  8. Website development
  9. Stands at business conferences
  10. Newsletters
  11. Mailshots
  12. Occupying a marketplace position
  13. Presentations at conferences
  14. Producing give-away literature and resources

Most of these yielded some success, but for some of them there was too high a pricef for us to continue with them.  For example, cold calling by consultants was too costly in terms of time, and demoralising.  What worked better was to use another method to generate the sales meeting, which our consultant would attend.

By the mid 1990s, most of our work came from existing clients (known, rather unpleasantly, as ‘skinning’), to the extent that we didn’t need to invest effort in selling (we didn’t have any growth objectives).  The types of approach we found that could help to keep work coming from existing clients included:

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