Sales Training: An Online Course And Articles
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Sales Training: An Online Course and Articles

There are many sales techniques. This online training provides a brief summary of the main ones and a more in-depth look at how Myers Briggs type can be used. This section of our website on Sales Training includes the following articles:

Basic Techniques

This article provides a summary of some of the basic techniques that can help improve success in selling.

Myers Briggs Overview

An introduction to how Myers Briggs can be used as an advanced sales technique to help improve selling success.

Selling to Extraverts

How to recognise customers' preferences for extraversion, and how to adapt your sales style to suit.

Selling to Introverts

Behavioural clues for introversion, and the techniques you can use when selling to them

Selling to Sensates

People with preferences for Sensation like to deal with known facts, experience and solid information.

Selling to iNtuitives

When selling to iNtuitives, be prepared to delve into unexplored areas and new applications. You may also be asked questions that don't seem immediately to relate to the product being sold.

Selling to Thinkers

'Thinkers' are people with preferences for the Myers Briggs Thinking function. In fact, all the preferences involve 'thinking' of one type or another.

Selling to Feelers

'Feelers' are people with preferences for the Myers Briggs Feeling function. This is the mental muscle that makes decisions on the basis of values.

Selling to J Preferences

Those with J preferences prefer a well-organised and settled lifestyle, and may compartmentalise their life, eg: having clear boundaries between work and home.

Selling to P preferences

P preferences can mean that you have less opportunity to use planned scripts in a sales meeting, you have to go with the flow.

Selling Intangibles

Selling intangibles (services, consultancy, etc.) presents extra challenges because the nature of intangible products make the less appealing to certain personality types.

Strategies to Generate New Business

Some tactical ideas for generating new clients and new business. Most of these ideas will work with all personality types, but for different reasons.

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