Behavioural Measurement Systems
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Behavioural Measurement Systems

(This is one of a series of articles explaining a Team Performance Management System)

Performance Management System Part 2

There are three primary methods of measuring team behaviours in a way that supports performance management:

Team Competencies

Team competencies are a generic set of competencies that apply to collective team activities (not individual actions). They are usually appropriate to use with a team if:

Team competencies may not be appropriate for use (at this stage) if:


A Team BARS provides a means of measuring behaviours of a team using a table, with each cell in the table containing examples of counter-productive, minimum, good, or excellent behaviours (some organisations like to substitute other terms for 'excellent', such as 'world class').

The advantage of a Team BARS is that it can be produced specifically for a team. Rather than measuring generic team behaviours, it relates to the unique sets of professional behaviours that will make a team successful. For example, the following team behaviours are very specific to particular teams:

Producing a Team BARS affords the team the opportunity to identify the types of behaviours that hinder their performance, make them successful, and ways of further improvement. This can also be useful when establishing a performance management framework for a series of teams undertaking the same function - eg: area sales teams.

Team Roles

The ITPQ and MTR-i questionnaires are based on a popular model of 8 personality styles. The questionnaires indicate

Knowing the difference between the two enables the team to plan changes to their behaviour that will lead directly to improved performance.

These questionnaires can also be used alongside a personality type indicator to examine team dynamics. They help identify the tensions that exist between the demands of their job and their own preferences, and how that influences job performance.

Create log of team measures

It can be helpful for the team to create a visible method of logging or recording team measures, which should include:


There is a team competency framework questionnaire that you and other team members can complete online here:

There are organisations that provide training in using the MTR-i team role model listed on our links page:

The remainder of these articles will describe in detail the process for creating and using the Team BARS.

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