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Team Appraisal

(This is one of a series of articles explaining a Team Performance Management System)

Performance Management System Part 4

In this performance management system, a team appraisal is a self-appraisal that can optionally make use of 360 degree feedback.

The appraisal process consists of:

Once the appraisal process is complete the follow actions should be pursued using teh preferred project or task management process of the group.

Gathering data

For team competencies, data can be gathererd from within and outside the team using our online team competencies questionnaire.

For ITPQ/MTR-i team roles, the appropriate questionnaires need to be completed - details from distributors at our links page.

For a Team BARS, the data-gathering involves the following steps:

The team should also collect all their business performance/results data.

There is an additional questionnaire that can be helpful in identifying inhibiting team dynamics at:


All the data should be collected into a single report or presentation, and fed back to the team.

Gap Analysis etc.

The remainder of the process - undertaking the gap analysis etc. - is a matter of (conventional) facilitation, so will not be described here. The important product to which that facilitation should aim is an action plan that, if completed, will result in a change in team behaviours that leads to improved performance.

Further Help

If you require help in implementing a team performance management system in your organisation, then please contact us.

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