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Team Role FAQs

These Frequently Asked Questions relate to the use of team roles within the MTR-i team role system. This section of our website on Team Role FAQs includes the following articles:

Undertaking Any Team Role

Is it really true that anyone can undertake any team role. Surely, I'm better at some than others, so I should just concentrate on the ones I'm better at?

Roles and Skills

When I complete the MTR-i questionnaire, does it tell me what role I'm good at?

Myers Briggs and Team Role

What is the correspondence between Myers Briggs personality type and team role?

Individual Performance

Which team role will help me perform best at work? Am I best just using the role I prefer?

One Role Or Many?

Should I focus on using one team role, or try to undertake lots of different roles?

Behavioural Goals

In an article on Team Performance Management, you say that one should start with the identification of behavioural goals. How can I identify behavioural goals that can be used as the basis for measuring behaviour?


Why is 'synchronising' so important to team work - wouldn't it be better if we concentrated on our own tasks or on using the behavioural approaches that are our individual strengths?

Problem Solving Sequence

The MTR-i team role wheel can be used as a Problem Solving methodology. Whenever we have a problem to solve, we should go through each team role in turn, step by step?

Tandem Synchronisation

I'm confused by the idea of synchronizing 'in tandem'. It seems as if you are suggesting that a team should synchronise, yet not synchronise, at the same time.

Right Amount of Stretch

You have described the difference between my preference and my team role as the 'stretch'. What is the right amount of stretch I should be experiencing?

Poor Use of Team Roles

What are the 'tell-tale signs' of when a team's poor performance is due to poor use of team roles?

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