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The "100mph Complex"

The 100mph Complex occurs when the team overuse the Sculptor team role.

Healthy use

When used appropriately, the Sculptor team role is used to bring things to fruition by getting things done, and getting them done now! Sculptors are very action-oriented, dealing with whatever tasks the current situation presents, and spurring others into action as well. They make use of their experience and utilise tools or processes of which they already have knowledge. They try to have an immediate impact on things, injecting a sense of urgency, and aiming to achieve clear goals and tangible results.

Excessive use

If the Sculptor team role is used to excess, however, and Group-Think sets in, then the team starts to move too quickly to action without thinking things through. Getting things done becomes all-important, so they take too expedient and short-term a view, sacrificing the long-term. Whilst they may achieve short-term objectives, they may fail to recognise the importance of laying foundations for future work, which can result in the duplication of effort at a later date or conflict arising between the work of this and other teams. They may also only repeat tried and trusted solutions and fail to make long term improvements to their work.

The complex is given the name "100mph" because they are going forward too fast - 100mph exceeds the legal speed limit and safe driving speed on most roads.


Complexes can be very difficult to deal with. See our general page on Complexes for more information.

A good facilitator or consultant can help the team in various ways, such as:

Psychology Footnote

The 100mph Complex results from rigidity in the team's use of extraverted Sensing.

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