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Team Dynamics Assessment™ (TDA™)

Team Dynamics Assessment - 360 version - BETA

Team Dynamics Assessment

The Team Dynamics Assessment is a free-to-use resource (but not free-to-copy) that can help a team improve their performance. It is designed to provide a team with the basis for a discussion on how they can improve their teamwork.

The questionnaire identifies hidden team dynamics that may be inhibiting team performance. By discussing the report, together, the team can assess whether or what action they need to take in order to remove unhelpful team dynamics and thereby improve their teamwork and the way they interact.

This version of the questionnaire can be used by team members, leaders or consultants to produce individual and consolidated assessments - that is, you can print individual assessments of teamwork as well as a report consolidating all the results.

Please note this is a BETA version.

Please ensure that javascript and active content are not blocked in your brower, otherwise your report may not appear.

Example Uses

Here are some examples of how this report system can be used:

If you are looking to complete the questionnaire yourself, with no other input, then you should use the single questionnaire version and not this 360/feedback version - it is the same questionnaire but quicker/easier to use.


To use this questionnaire with a team, you need to:

You must be at least 18 to set up an administrator account on this system.

The detailed instructions for these steps are below. You may find it helpful to print this page (or have the instructions open in a separate window whilst you work through them):

    Set up an administrator account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Create New Login"
  3. Complete the form with, as a minimum, your first name, last name and email address
  4. Click on "Create New Login"
  5. Wait a few minutes - the Team Technology Survey System will send you an email.
  6. Check your email and make a note of your Member ID (NB: Keep this code secret, and don't lose it as we don't, at present, have a function to remind you of it).
  7. Click on the link in the email (the same link as step 1 above)
  8. Enter the email address you used to register, and member ID
  9. Click on "Submit"

    Create a project

  10. Under "Create Your New Project", enter a recognisable name, eg: "Sales Mgrs - views from staff" (ie: staff are going to provide upwards feedback to the Sales Management Team in this project)
  11. Click on "Create"
  12. Click on "Create This Survey"

    Give a special link to those completing the Questionnaire

  13. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on "Open" (This allows people to complete the questionnaire - if the project is "Closed", no more responses are allowed).
  14. Click on "link"
  15. Copy and paste the URL link, that appears in the pop-up window, into an email
  16. Send the email/link to those people you want to complete the questionnaire. You must provide clear statements:
    • explaining the purpose of the assessment data (eg: what you will do with the individual and aggregated assessments)
    • who will see the reports, ie: whether their individual perceptions/report will be kept confidential or publicised and to whom
    • a period for which you will hold the data (for the moment, that will be indefinitely, until we introduce a 'delete project' function)
  17. Log out and close your browser window

    Print the report

  18. When you want to check progress (ie who has completed the questionnaire) log back in and click on "view results" (near the bottom of the screen to the right of the project name). The system will show who has completed the report so far.
  19. When you have had all the results you need or want, "close" the project to prevent any more questionnaires being added to the database.
  20. When you are ready to print the results, just use your browser print function to print the graph.
  21. Discuss the results with the team, bearing in mind:
    • No questionnaire is 100% reliable; the results are to be used as the starting point for a discussion, not as a final judgement on the state of the team
    • The results say nothing about individual behaviours, only collective dynamics
    • The results should only be used to ENHANCE individual/team respect and team performance, eg: by recognising the contributions that are being made by and to the team and using the results to enhance further those contributions.
    • The results should be used NON-JUDGEMENTALLY, eg: they provide no information to determine an individual's suitability for a job nor to identify any individual fault in any poor team functioning
    • Recognise the INDIVIDUALITY of each team and team member and their right to be (and the value of being) different to the majority of the group
    • Do not use the results to put individuals or teams in boxes - they should not be used for selection, determining performance rewards, or to limit an individual's functioning or potential
    • TEAMS and INDIVIDUALS are the ARBITERS of their own results (ie: recognise that questionnaires can sometimes be wrong, and others' views are only perceptions).
    • You should observe all copyright, trademarks and legal OBLIGATIONS when printing or using the results.

Please also note that no guarantees or warranties are given or implied for this system. It is offered for use 'as is', and your use of the report, system and results is at your own risk.

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