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Transform Team Performance using MTR-i tools

They are powerful

Most approaches to team building have an indirect impact on team performance - requiring a degree of 'blind faith' that better teamwork will result in better performance. But, no matter how well the team works together, unless their eyes are firmly on their collective goals they will not achieve their potential. The team tools in the MTR-i methodology are focused directly on improving business results. They use performance management techniques to change collective team behaviours in a way that directly impacts business results and team performance.

They are easy to use

Although the MTR-i model is a powerful one, it is also very simple and easy to use. The two main questionnaires in the system only take between 5 and 10 minutes each to complete. Yet in that short time their eyes are opened to the behavioural goals to which they have to attain in order to improve team performance. Also, the team role concepts are easy to describe and team members pick them up quickly and easily.

They provide a foundation for advanced applications

Beyond the simple/effective team tools for increasing team performance, there are advanced applications such as diagnosing team dynamics that inhibit performance, coaching individuals in stress management, or providing additional personal information to supplement the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. After the initial use of the MTR-i tools, when you ask "What next?", there are many answers - many areas to which the knowledge and tool can be applied further.

Training in how to use the tools

For a foundation course in how to use the MTR-i tools, you should attend an MTR-i "Extended Bronze" workshop. This workshop covers:

For more information about MTR-i tools, contact a distributor.

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