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"Align your work role with your personality!"

The MTR-i(TM) methodology helps you find the best balance between the demands of your job and your personal fulfilment:

The MBTI® questionnaire indicates your personal preferences
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is used throughout the world to help people understand their own personality.
The MTR-i questionnaire indicates the role you are undertaking
The Management Team Role - indicator(TM) is based on the same theory as the MBTI, but indicates the personality you are adopting within your work role. Your role can change from situation to situation - some roles may be close to your preferences whilst others may be very different.
Comparing MBTI and MTR-i results indicates how much you are being "stretched" in your job
By comparing the MTR-i and MBTI results, you can identify the cause and amount of stretch between your preferences and the role(s) you are performing. Stretch can produce positive effects - such as challenge, development and greater levels of achievement - or negative effects - such as stress or demotivation. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to be stretched more - to provide challenge and development - or stretched less - to provide greater job satisfaction.
You can restructure your work to close the gap

By using a technique in the MTR-i methodology called "work restructuring", you can change the behaviours you use in your job so that you are stretched more or less, to fit with your personal objectives.

You can complete the MBTI and/or MTR-i questionnaires online, and discuss the results and their implications with a consultant anywhere in the world by telephone.

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