Lead generation: 10 steps to more business

Lead Generation

Increasing Revenue Through Business Networking

Lead Generation is often seen as hard work or the result of an expensive marketing campaign. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Networking groups are springing up far and wide to help business with their lead generation. Consultants are being told the most effective form of lead generation is to build long-term relationships through word-of-mouth marketing. BNI (Business Network International), BRE (Business Referral Exchange), BNL (Business Network Lunch) and CLBN (Central London Business Network) are just four examples of groups opening new branches in the UK, almost weekly.

Yet many find that attendance at business networking events fails to result in lead generation. Why? Because they are not following some basic principles of good business networking.

A Business Networking Attitude

Lead Generation does not automatically result from attendance at a business networking event. You will only get the desired results when you approach it with the right attitude. That means you have to:

  • be pro active and build your network, not reactive and hoping people will come to you
  • stretch yourself outside your comfort zones
  • be patient and persist
  • choose the right type of clients for you
  • you make the first move
  • make the right impression from the start
  • use an interesting introduction
  • spend more time listening than talking
  • follow up your contacts after the event
  • see 'giving' as the key to networking

Lead Generation Expert: Will Kintish Lead Generation Expert
Will Kintish

Will Kintish is the Founder and Managing Director of Kintish Ltd, a UK-based training organisation who show people how to grow their business through networking.

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A Short, Online Course

If you would like to explore the principles of lead generation through networking, I have written a short series of articles to help you assess your own approach and become a more effective networker.

No doubt you are wondering whether you should bother reading these articles. Let me help you decide:

The articles will only take 20 minutes or so to read, but they could help you improve a key skill in lead generation. It is generally accepted that business networking is a vital part of most companies development activities. You will invest many hours, hours stolen from ones private life, to attend functions, sporting events, conferences and exhibitions. This is a valuable investment of your time and in some cases your, or your company's, money.

To get a return on that investment you need to be generating useful contacts, building a network, and seeing some of these turn into genuine prospects. The events you attend are all arenas for building new relationships and reinforcing existing ones. If you don't approach those events with a methodical and professional approach, then you are at best wasting time and money, and at worst you are what I call a "networking criminal".

This doesn't mean that you should attend this events and sell. Business networking should be the platform to create opportunities at a later stage, and this series of short articles will show you how.

Lead Generation (10 Articles).

If you don't want to read these articles, but would like to do an in-person or online course, then contact lead generation expert Will Kintish

Kintish Ltd training gives you simple and practical ideas and techniques to help you build relationships. After all that's what networking is. It's not an activity, it's a way of life which you can do any time, any place, anywhere. With just a slight change in thinking your habits and attitudes will alter dramatically. As a result you will find, like thousands of others who have been introduced to the Kintish networking system, how comfortable you can become with business networking. Watch your whole life change as your confidence builds in any new or strange situation, through your use of the Kintish business networking skills.

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