Sales Leads: How Much Do You Want Them?

Sales Leads

How Much Do You Want Them?

Sales Leads are the life blood of your business. What is YOUR attitude towards them?

If the consultant has plenty of sales leads already, then why bother networking? If work is constantly coming in, then why leave the comfortable confines of the office? Clients will get referred and new business will result nonetheless.

"I don't need to go hunting for sales leads, I'm happy as a Cave Dweller".

"I'm far too busy to waste time going to networking events"

"These events never produce any business".

Sales Leads: Do You Really WANT Them? "Do you really WANT Sales Leads", asks Will Kintish

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Networking doesn't work when the wrong attitudes are entrenched in the first place.

Consider your own approach:

What is your attitude to Sales Leads? Are you:

Reactive, hoping that sales leads will find you?
Proactive, wanting to make things happen and get more sales leads?

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