Business Loans Explained: Your Finance Options
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Loans Terminology and Choices

This page provides a simple introduction to the various options for business loans, and some alternative methods of raising finance.

Business Loans

Your options for obtaining business loans or other forms of finance revolve primarily around the following questions:


Generally, the more of the risk you are prepared to bear, the greater commitment you make and the more time you spend in financial planning, then the easier it will be to find suitable loans and the cheaper those loans will be.

Your options to manage risk are:

Your options for the level of commitment are:

Your options to improve short term cash flow are:

Your options for planning and presentation are many and various, ranging from seeking investment from venture capitalists (involving a high degree of planning and presentation) to self-certification (requiring very little financial information).

Your options of who to consult are:

There are also many other forms of raising finance.

You can find more information about loans and mortgages in our Loans Guidebook. Alternatively, there is an expanded version of this article in our loans options page.

NB: This article is business to business: we are not financial advisors. This page does not provide specific financial advice, but an introduction to the terms used in the UK when describing loans.

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