Motivational Speakers: The Two Basic Types
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Motivational speakers

The Two Basic Types

There are two basic types of motivational speakers; those that have motivated themselves to achieve something, and those that have motivated others to achieve something. The first type we can call the self-motivator and the second type we can call the leadership motivator.

1: The Self-motivator

Typically this type of speaker has a background in sports, adventure or has overcome a particular obstacle or difficulty in their lives.

The self-motivator will understand completely how and what motivates them, but will not necessarily understand how to motivate others.

The self-motivator speaker should concentrate on telling the story of their lives and achievements in a simple and effective way that people can understand and relate to identify parallels in their own lives and circumstances. Their story should be crafted in a way to be inspirational and thought provoking. The audience can then take away ideas and thoughts on how to apply what they have heard to their own situation.

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The self-motivator speaker will have a greater effect on individuals who do not typically operate as part of a team, as the focus of the presentation will centre on individual goals and achievements. These people may be the individuals within an organisation, eg. Sales people, who are driven to push themselves hard to achieve results on a regular basis.

2: Leadership motivator

The second type of motivational speaker has a background in business, the military, or in sports as a coach / manager and not just a player. Usually they are experienced professional business speakers as well. The leadership motivator has been responsible for managing companies and/or teams. The leadership motivator is more likely to have a greater understanding of the needs of others and how to appeal to those needs then the self-motivator.

The leadership motivator typically concentrates on painting scenarios that affect companies and business teams as well as individuals in business. Communication, leadership, trust, empowerment and team-building usually play a major part in the presentation of the leadership motivator, as these are the corner-stones of their knowledge and experience.

The leadership motivator will appeal more to senior people in business, eg. CEO's, directors, senior managers and team-leaders. The reasons are two fold; the speaker will have the same background and experience as the audience, and will impart messages and advice on shared goals and achievements that relates to the circumstances of this audience and their businesses and/or areas of responsibility.


Both types of motivational speaker will use, humour, anecdotes, stories and recount situations both challenging and inspirational to get across their message.

However, the difference in experience has an effect on the approach and style that both kinds of motivational speaker employs when addressing audiences.

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