Motivational Speakers: Guidelines for Getting Best Value

Motivational Speakers

Getting Value From Them

There are two basic types of motivational speakers: those that have motivated themselves to achieve something; and those that have motivated others to achieve something.

The first type we call the self-motivator. These types of motivational speakers typically have a background in sports, adventure or have overcome a particular obstacle or difficulty in their lives.

The second type we call the leadership-motivator. These types of motivational speakers often have a background in business, the military, or in sports as a coach / manager and not just a player.

Choosing motivational speakers

When assessing which motivational speakers might be suitable for your event, it is very important to understand what the needs of the audience are and what goals and aspirations they have. Also you need to know what message you wish to be imparted to your audience. Unless you are clear and concise in what you want, the speaker will invariably deliver something which does not meet your needs.

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If the over-riding need to is get individuals to re-assess and re-examine their own personal circumstances both in their business and personal lives to achieve their goals and push themselves to greater levels of responsibility and fulfilment, then the self-motivator speaker will be the best choice.

If group dynamics, team-work, communication, trust, empathy, leadership, shared vision and values are the most important factors, then the leadership motivator is right for your event.

Do beware of the 'text-book' motivational speakers (and there many out there), who have not achieved anything particularly special or difficult in their lives, and have no particular skill that sets them apart from the crowd. They are very easy to identify, as they tend to hide their lack of depth and experience behind the mask of high impact performances, liberally sprinkled with meaningless calls to action and questions. "What's holding you back?", "The Sky's the limit!" are examples of the highly emotive and highly ineffective quotes that you may experience from these sort of speakers. The effects of their speeches rarely last beyond the confines of the venue where they are performing.

Briefing motivational speakers

Prepare a document that outlines the background: All this is vital information to help them tailor their talk(s) to the specific needs of your audience.

Prepare the ground back in the workplace

Of course the best keynote motivational speakers in the world will be of little or no use, if the working environment that the audience returns to at the end of the day, is unrewarding, unsupportive and un-inspiring. This must be addressed and improved before booking any motivational speakers.

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