Business Opportunities: How to Find Them

Business Opportunities

How to Find Them

Where can you find business opportunities?

The answer to this question is 'everywhere!' If consultants are truly hungry for new contacts leading to new business, they must be constantly aware by listening for obvious and not so obvious pportunities.

You can not choose when business opportunities come your way. They come at a time of their own choosing, so you have to be on the alert to recognise them.

Everyone should view themselves as a TV switched off at the remote control. Have your mind in a similar state to that little red dot... always be on stand-by! When you listen attentively for opportunities, they will be there. They are on boats, trains, planes, in queues at weddings and all social functions. Just be friendly, chat ask questions, listen and do the last of these actions attentively. Networking does not work if one switches off or fails to remain alert.

Business opportunities are around you everywhere "Are you always looking for business opportunities?", asks Will Kintish

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Consider your own approach:

When and how do you look for business opportunities?

At sales or business meetings?

If you are only prepared to look for business opportunities at sales meetings, then it will not be worth your while to read any further. But if you are willing to build friendships and a network, in any context, then read the next article:

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