Business-to-Business: How to Build Better Relationships


How to Build Strong Relationships

Business to Business relationships do not start with:

"Hello, nice to meet you, will you do some business with me, please?"

Too many consultants do not seem to understand that building long term, stable and comfortable 'business to business' relationships requires work and dedication. A relationship has to be built between individuals, and based on mutual:

  • trust
  • respect
  • liking

With these as the foundation of the relationship, the business to business association will be a long and fulfilling one.

Business to business relationships are built on trust, respect, liking "Will you invest time in building business to business relationships?", asks Will Kintish

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Building a business to business relationship is a long term exercise. There are 7 stages to go through:

Networking does not work when persistence and perseverance is missing.

Consider your own approach:

Are you:

Wanting to keep your interactions brief, so you can get back to the office?
Willing to invest time in building long-term relationships?

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