Your Comfort Zones

Are you stuck in them?

Professionals are trained as technicians and it is anathema to sell, promote or market.

"Go and get sales leads? Me? Surely not, I'm a professional"

"I am a trained specialist and when people know this I will get sales leads"

"We have a marketing department responsible for getting sales leads"

These are three phrases which trip off the experts' tongue.

Are you stuck in your comfort zone? "Are you stuck in your comfort zone?", asks Will Kintish

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In my presentations, workshops and training I delve deeply into these comments and ascertain these reactions are invariably due to a universal lack of self-confidence.

Where, oh where, is the rounded consultant who feels comfortable in new company and who understands the basics of what makes a good sales professional? In my experience, more than 98% of consultants find that networking is outside their comfort zone.

Networking doesn't work when consultants do not want to stretch themselves by moving out of their comfort zones.

Consider your own approach:

Are you:

Unwilling to move outside your comfort zone and do something that will generate new business?
Prepared to develop yourself and generate sales leads in the process?

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