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off spin bowling in one-day cricket

By Peter Such

Object of the game

When bowling in one-day cricket it is vitally important that you focus on the objective of the game. The side that scores the most runs will win the game. This means that one of two things can happen

Bowling first the objective is to bowl the opposition out cheaply or restrict them to a gettable targetBowling second the objective is to bowl the opposition out or restrict then to less than you scored

There are no real guidelines set down for bowling in one day cricket although certain basic principles apply in terms of spinning the ball hard to get movement off the pitch and loop and drift in the air. the perfect offspin delivery

The ideal mind set

In terms of your mind set as an off spin bowler, you need to appreciate that as a bowler it is a negative game. The denial of runs is all-important and this can be achieved in two main ways

By bowling in a fashion that restricts the scoring of runs

Taking wickets is a good way of slowing the scoring rate down as a new batter often takes time to settle at the crease

You don’t have to bowl for wickets to take wickets in one-day cricket; the pressure of not scoring can often lead to the breakthrough.

Pace at which you bowl

The pace that you bowl at is a very individual thing and it has to be natural to you. Bowlers have been successful by both pushing it through and holding it back. The ability to vary your pace is more important than the stock pace at which you bowl. Remember

Pace on the ball means, the batter has less time to use his feet and hit down the ground, but running the ball off the face behind the wicket becomes more productive.

Less pace means more time to use your feet, but running the ball off the face becomes less productive

Set your fields accordingly, the slower you bowl it the more protection you might need down the ground

What line to bowl

By bowling straight, it denies batsman chance to free his arms, but good players milk you in the square leg area. It also gives you a chance of a wicket if improvisation doesn’t come off.

By bowling outside off stump, it allows batter to free his arms, but makes it more difficult to get the ball square on leg side

Be prepared to experiment, do whatever it takes, mix the line up to keep the batsman guessing

Defend certain areas of the field and get the batsman to hit certain fielders

What length to bowl

Everyone has a natural length, which they bowl, but you need to have the ability to change according to circumstances. Generally, a good length will be required, but you will need the ability to pitch the ball very full at times to stop the batsman getting underneath the ball when playing ‘big shots’

Bowling to left handed batsman

By bowling over the wicket the following will apply

It allows you to bowl a straighter line while still attacking the stumps.

It doesn’t allow the batter to free his arms

It minimises the changes / adjustments that have to be made by the bowler

By bowling around the wicket the following will apply

Creates angle drifting the ball into the batsman’s pads

Can be very effective if the balls comes in at an angle then straightens

Whatever you chose it always has to be comfortable with yourself

Remember it can be a negative game as a bowler, the object is to win by restricting the opposition to less runs than you can or have scored.

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