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the complete guide to bowling off spin

By Peter Such

Former England off spin bowler, Peter Such, has compiled a series of articles, which give an expert insight into bowling off spin, giving the reader a complete overview of the art. Each article addresses the key requirements for success answering the frequently asked questions and offering essential information on bowling off spin.

the perfect offspin delivery is an overview of ‘what is the perfect delivery’ and Peter Such’s philosophy behind the bowling of spin, including some key tips and thoughts.

the mechanics of finger spin bowling uncovers the common basics that go into producing the perfect finger spin delivery. In effect this article contains guidance notes for a good basic action which will maximize the chances of success

coaching spin bowling contains process and guidance notes on how to effectively coach a spin bowler featuring drills and exercises designed to enhance performance, allowing you the coach to get the best out of your performer

variations and wrist position in bowling off spin gives an insight into how the angle of the wrist at release can enhance chances of success by providing variations for an off spin bowler, and creating problems for the batsman

simple and common variations in off spin contains guidance notes for the off spin bowler on how to and why we bowl the simple variations, helping to enhance all round performance and contribute towards success

off spin bowling in one-day cricket provides guidance notes on the bowling of off spin bowling in one day cricket, including practical tips and helpful hints designed to improve performance

the tactics of off spin bowling in one-day cricket provides an insight into the tactics and thought processes essential for success as an off spin bowler in one day cricket

Each article gives an overview of key requirements for success with the author sharing his experience in a simple easy to read format.

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