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Editors' guidelines on how authors can get the best out of the site.

privacy policy

This is the privacy policy that is in operation at the website and all other sites operated by Team Technology. By Steve Myers

terms and conditions

These are the terms and conditions for the site, for both guests and members. They cover site membership, use and access. By Steve Myers

how to update your public information

Instructions on how to update your member information at the MetaRasa website. By Steve Myers

how to publish an internet article

A step by step guide to publishing an article using the MetaRasa publishing system. By Steve Myers

how to write a good internet article

How to write a good internet article: keep it short, simple and direct. By Steve Myers

tips and tricks

Ideas on how to get the best out of the MetaRasa publishing system. Includes how to publish a series of articles, advanced formatting techniques and using the sandbox. By Steve Myers

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