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This page contains some tips on how to publish a series of articles, advanced formatting, and publishing to the sandbox.

How to publish a series of articles

The way to publish a series of articles in the MetaRasa publishing system is to:

Write/prepare the articles

Write/prepare a summary page that links them

Publish the individual articles in reverse order (i.e.: publish the last article first).

For each article, copy and paste the link text (from the details page) into your summary page

Publish the summary page

Add any extra links that you want between articles.

Please note that you will be able to edit articles for only 23 hours after publishing.

Advanced formatting

There are some formatting buttons on the submit page in the publishing system.  For example, to make a piece of text appear in italic highlight the text you want to italicise and then press the ‘italic’ button

Please adhere to the general look and feel of the site.  Our system will format everything for you, providing you:

Leave a blank line between everything, between paragraphs, between bullet points, between the heading and paragraph, etc.

Use the buttons on the submit (and edit) pages to mark headings and bullet points (highlight each heading or bullet point individually, then press the button)

If you know how to use ‘html’, you can create tables using ‘table’, ‘tr’, ‘th’ and ‘td’.  Do not use obsolescent html, such as ‘font’ or ‘size’.

Publishing to the sandbox

You don’t need to take any special action to publish to the sandbox.  Just select sandbox on the publish menu.  Your article will be deleted automatically seven days after you last edit it.  The article will not appear in any public lists, though it will be accessible to the public by typing the URL into a browser.

You can publish links to the sandbox in the members’ forum.  You may want to get other members’ views or suggestions for your article before you finally publish it.

Please don’t publish sandbox links elsewhere, as it will become a ‘broken link’.

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