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an introduction to business process management

By Peter SG Carter

Business Process Management and BPR – the basics

I receive many emails from people around the world asking some basic questions about BPR. I have written a series of short articles as an attempt to answer some of them.

I will answer them, not from the theoretical point of view of a university lecturer but as a practitioner. I am a consultant who delivers projects to organisations who are seeking to improve their performance by looking at what they do. This starts from the view that if you keep doing the same things then your performance will remain constant. So if you want to get better, do it differently.

There will be more articles being added to the site over time, and if I get a series of questions on certain issues of Business Process Management I will, a) have a good idea of this year’s curriculum and b) write an article to help.

Article 1 looks at what a business process is, and why they are so important to all organisations. For companies looking to improve their performance, deliver products or services quicker, with fewer mistakes, less re-work and with reduced costs, can process improvement be ignored?

Article 2 looks at the common issues and errors found in processes. The way companies develop over time is often as a result of responding to issues, and then carrying on working in this way until something new happens and adding that in to the working practices. It is only when we stand back and question what we do and how we do it that the anomalies jump out at us.

Article 3 looks briefly at the methodologies for getting processes right. As is all walks of life, process management has it’s own vocabulary. What does it mean and what is relevant?

As a process consultant I am available to assist organisations by training your team or by working with you on your process projects. If you would like more information contact me through the links on this site.

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