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Introducing the Meta Rasa Web Site...


This is the Public Area in the site Members Zone.

The MetaRasa publishing system provides an easy way for members of the site to publish articles. Members do not have to have an ISP, manage bandwidth, write html or anything very technical. They just need to be able to use a computer and an internet connection. This enables people to publish articles on the internet who otherwise might not publish.

The benefit for site visitors is that they have access to information and expertise that might not otherwise be available. The benefits for site members are that they can make a wider audience aware of their expertise and information, and/or generate some income from their writing.

Members of this website are professionals who have appropriate qualifications and experience for the topics they write about. They have also agreed to our terms and conditions, and write in accordance with our guidelines. You can read more about these guidelines.

If you would like to become a member, then you can apply using our registration form. Please note that you will need to provide some verifiable information to substantiate your bona fide professional interest in the topic you wish to write about. This is likely to include:

  • Daytime contact details (address and telephone) for your place of profession. This will only be seen by the site administrators.
  • A brief CV to outline your qualifications and experience
  • An example of something you have written, or an outline of what you would like to write about.

Please allow a couple of weeks for your application to be reviewed.

Steve Myers
Site Owner

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