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MTR-i™ Team Role articles

Assess Your Team

Complete an online questionnaire to identify whether any team dynamics are inhibiting your team's performance

Team Building Exercises

Team Building exercises for consultants using MTR-i materials.

Working Out Your Team Role

How to work out the role or contribution you are making to your team.

An introduction to team role theory

This article gives an introduction to the team role theory on which MTR-i team roles, and related tools, are based

How to manage role stretch

How the stretch between personal preferences and work role can best be managed.

How team dynamics can help or hinder Team Performance

What are "Team Dynamics"? Are they simply soft and fuzzy concepts, or are they relevant to team performance? This article considers the impact team dynamics can have on team performance.

Team Performance Management

Team Performance Management is the most guaranteed methodology for improving team performance. This article explains the difference between team building and team performance management, and the role team role concepts play.

The Apollo Syndrome

Why teams of highly capable individuals can often perform very poorly.

Leadership styles

A model of leadership based on the MTR-i team roles.

Executive Recruitment

Should personality type be used in the Executive Recruitment process? This article flags the dangers.

Qualify to purchase and use the MTR-i and ITPQ

Qualification courses for the purchase and use of MTR-i materials are run in the UK by Team Focus. For international distributors and training organisations, see our links page.

Telephone coaching

Find out how our telephone coaching service can help you achieve more fulfilment and better performance at work.

Keys to personal and team success

One key to success is getting the right balance between your natural in-built preferences and your work role. This article explains how to strike the right balance.

Personality Test Personality Test Personality Test Personality Test Personality Test