Following Up Sales Leads

Following Up Sales Leads

How to generate sales leads and keep them!

The most effective form of sales leads generation is networking, whether at social gatherings or network events arrange specifically for that purpose. I describe how you should approach those types of events in my series of articles on lead generation.

But networking does not, of itself, generate sales leads, nor should it. Networking should be the platform to create opportunities at a later stage. In this article I'll describe how you should follow up your networking activity to turn opportunities into concrete sales leads.

Follow Up

A networking criminal is someone who squanders opportunities for sales lead generation by not following up after the event. If you have approached your networking professionally, then you have already moved outside your comfort zone, so it is a serious offence to retreat back into your comfort zone and fail to make the follow up call.

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An example scenario

You meet Pamela at an exhibition and get on really well, building some strong rapport. You have asked all the pertinent questions and spotted a potential opportunity. You are following the latter part of the networking process, working the room, by:

These are vital steps in sales leads generation, because they show commitment and provide a link to the next stage. Pamela will be expecting your call, and it should be treated as a firm commitment on your part.

What to do after the event

IMMEDIATELY after the event:

Start your research on her business; every serious business has lots of useful information on their websites. Find out if there has been any business done or connections made with her company previously. You aim should be to know lots about her business

Making the phone call

If you find that it is difficult to motivate yourself to make the call, then read the guidelines for overcoming the sales fear of rejection.

Before you pick up the phone, plan, think and prepare:

Note, if you're not the best person in the company to be talking to Pamela, have that person or their diary standing by, so you can still set up a face-to-face meeting.

When you make the call:

If you would like to do an in-person or online course, to develop your skills in networking and sales leads generation, then contact Kintish Ltd

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