Credibility: Online Trustworthiness Course Part 8
Ken Buist
Ken Buist

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In order to be considered trustworthy, it is necessary to demonstrate your credibility.

Credibility speaks about your qualification to do the task in hand. It refers to your technical ability to hold the title Trustworthy adviser.

Credibility is also about your professional ability to achieve what you promised to achieve. This may start with testimonials from other people who have experience of your advisery capacity.

This does not just apply to the content of what you do but also the attitude with which you carry out your work.

In content it is important to be accurate and honest, not exaggerating or making false claims - not telling lies, always the truth, even if at times this is difficult.

Choosing the best time and delivering with grace are good rules for delivering some difficult truths. The receiver needs to know that you are for them - on their side - and will be more willing to receive if the truth is not punctuated with criticism.

Credibility qualifies you to offer a considered solution, in a manner that instils confidence in the receiver.

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