Self-Interest: Online Trustworthiness Course Part 10
Ken Buist
Ken Buist

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Self Interest

In order to be considered trustworthy, it is necessary to demonstrate a low level of self-interest. Instead you should demonstrate a high level of selflessness.

That means not always being motivated by getting your own needs met, rather being motivated by meeting the needs of the client. Greed is often a powerful driver in self-interest. This is best dealt with by always having a desire for the client's greater good, rather than being concerned about what you stand to gain.

The person full of self interest radiates the message 'I am my most important person'. They have a need to always have the answer and be in the limelight, and usually a large ego which makes it difficult for them to truly see beyond them-selves. They have not yet learned the basic fact of life that getting your own needs met is best achieved through meeting the needs of others.

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