Empathy: Online Trustworthiness Course Part 9
Ken Buist
Ken Buist

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In order to be considered trustworthy, you must be able to demonstrate empathy.

Empathy is the power of imaginatively entering another person's experience and conveying this to the other person so they know that you are travelling with them on this particular journey.

It is showing a genuine interest in people and their views and feelings.

It is being good at valuing individuals and welcoming their contributions and ideas in projects and discussions.

The person, who has learned to empathise, knows how to make other people feel secure, respected, important and valued.

Empathy requires both sensitivity and a commitment of time, the willingness to operate on other people's schedules rather than be focussed on your own needs.

Empathy produces loyalty which says I will be for you even when others may be against you. I will defend you even when it costs me something or puts me at some kind of risk.

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